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Evergreen is a fully integrated, self-administered and self-managed real estate trust company based on the West Coast, with offices in San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. The Company has extensive expertise in development, acquisition, leasing, and property management.

Today, the Company primarily invests in single family residential properties and mixed-use developments in high-growth west coast markets, including Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Jose. Evergreen Equity is selective about the projects it invests in and uncompromising about the possibilities they hold. With decades of experience and relationships, Evergreen has the ability to identify, invest, and succeed.

Evergreen Equity currently manages a mixed-use portfolio and is consistently looking to execute attractive investment opportunities that create exceptional value for all of its investors. The Company is committed to continuing to assemble a strong office portfolio in high-growth markets, understanding the business strategies of its customers, and providing exceptional environments where they can grow.

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Evergreen Equity Holdings was established with the goal of creating a positive and long-lasting social impact in the communities in which we do business. This goal allows us to make the most of our resources and provide support to 501(c)(3) organizations in our vendor, investor and/or property investment communities.

Our funding priorities are:
• Affordable Housing: Supporting programs that create affordable housing opportunities and the development and sustaining of safe, clean and desirable neighborhoods. This includes community loan funds, programs that provide supportive and transitional housing, closing costs and down-payment assistance programs, and foreclosure prevention programs.
• Culture: Funding cultural institutions that offer meaningful programs in the arts and sciences, prioritizing those which enable engagement by young people and create a lasting impression.
• Education: Supporting programs, activities and organizations that work to promote and enhance pre-kindergarten, K-12 and special education initiatives, as well as adult education, medical literacy, and nonprofit organizational sustainability.
• Empowerment: Organizations that provide equal access to human rights and contribute to the development of a civil society.
• Health & Healthcare: Supporting activities and organizations that work to provide or promote access to medical, dental and behavioral health care, medication, treatment, health screening, quality of care improvements, and prevention and wellness education.
• Social Services: Fund direct-service organizations that tackle the roots of chronic poverty by applying effective solutions to the most challenging social and economic problems. 

Evergreen prefers not to fund:
• Individuals (scholarships, stipends, fellowships, personal assistance)
• For-profit ventures
• Organizations that discriminate against a person or a group on the basis of age, political affiliation, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief.
• Lobbying, political or fraternal activities
• Individual study, research or travel grants

Types of Support:
Within these general guidelines, we consider the following requests:
• Unrestricted General Operating Support: We consider unrestricted general operating support requests from organizations that deliver effective programs with measurable outcomes in response to community needs, organizations that operate in a fiscally responsible manner and are financially stable, and organizations that collaborate to maximize effectiveness.
• Event & Marketing Campaign Sponsorships: Evergreen will consider requests to support fundraising events or marketing campaigns affiliated with a 501(c)(3) organization.
• Program Support: We consider requests to support programs that are highly effective and/or innovative and have little or no duplicate other programs or services.
• Capital Support: We consider a small number of requests for capital support from organizations that meet all other funding criteria and with which we have a pre-existing relationship. We do not make lead gifts, and grants generally do not exceed one percent of the campaign contribution goal.
• Contributions of Equipment and Property: Evergreen will provide occasional in-kind contributions of miscellaneous office equipment and property when available. 

If you have additional questions not answered above or if you would like Evergreen Equity Holdings to consider funding your project, you are welcome to submit an inquiry to





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If you have a savings account or a CD, guess where your hard earned money is going? Your bank is giving you an insignificant interest rate of approximately 1% to 2% and is then lending your money combined with money from others like you. For example, your home may be secured by a 1st or a 2nd mortgage at an interest rate of 6%. The difference of 4% gives the Bank’s Directors and Shareholders a considerable profit. When you begin investing money in a Trust Deed, you are lending money directly to the borrower, thereby eliminating the bank, and substantially increasing the return on your investment.



Collateral: Trust Deed Investments are secured by real estate and guard the value of your principal investment. Real Estate properties are independently evaluated by multiple real estate professionals to establish the properties market value. Your investment with us will never reach more than a 75% loan to value. This gives you security during uncertain times.






Each Deed of Trust is title insured by a Title Company. The Title Company insures that the Deed of Trust is recorded into the represented (first or second) lien position. Title Insurance Companies, guarantee that an owner has title to a property and insures against errors in the title search. You will acquire a copy of the preliminary title report, which is provided to you for your records.






As the borrower, we are required to keep standard insurance in an amount to cover the loan or replacement cost of the improvements. Fire insurance is a specialized form of insurance beyond property insurance, and is designed to cover the cost of replacement, reconstruction, or repair beyond what is covered by the property insurance policy. You will see on the closing statement that the fire insurance is paid through escrow.





Every transaction goes through escrow, and is handled by an independent Title Company. The Title Company also handles the recording of the Deed of Trust under your name. Escrow is a deposit of funds, a deed, or other instrument by one party for the delivery to another party upon completion of a particular condition or event. Monies from the trust deed investor are placed in escrow and distributed after the accurately completed paperwork has been filed.



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